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Excuse me? Defuse tension with stellar communication skills.

Posted by on January 4, 2012

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Interpersonal Communication Skills

Last time, we talked about minimizing your holiday stress with 3 key communication tips. But communication problems don’t melt away with the holiday season, do they? Improving interpersonal communication skills has been an ongoing challenge since the dawn of time.

How many times have you had a misunderstanding with a colleague that went unresolved until both of you were so angry you could hardly speak to each other? Have you ever failed to respond to someone or ignored your concerns, causing them to feel insulted or marginalized? These communication obstacles pop up all too often. Good news: You can help minimize and repair these dysfunctional interactions!

Great communication follows a process for both the sender and receiver of the message.

Senders Must:

  1. Know what it is they wish to convey.
  2. Check on whether or not they are getting their message across.
  3. Be willing and able to change their communication process or style in order to achieve their goal.

Receivers Must:

  1. Be willing to listen.
  2. Be skillful at active and passive listening.
  3. Be willing and able to change their listening style in order to understand the point of view of the sender.

Of course, this process is only the beginning of successful communication. But are you starting with a neutral, balanced communication style? Probably not; we all have our own unique approach. To understand your communication strengths and weaknesses, take our Communication Skills Self-Assessment.

In the classroom, we present participants with concepts, tools, and insights that are practiced extensively to create a better understanding of how they communicate and how to approach others more effectively. We also teach how to clarify misunderstandings and create a positive environment by planning for these critical interactions. It’s such a pleasure seeing people experience communication breakthroughs!

Karen Holmes is a CGWA Senior Consultant and Trainer, based in the U.S. and delivering programs such as  Coaching, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Positive Power and Influence, Presentation Skills, and many more.

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