CGWA Overview

C.G. Wright & Associates (CGWA) is dedicated to providing outstanding solutions to organizational performance issues through both consulting and education. CGWA has three clear areas of focus:

  1. Leadership Development – from Executive Teams to the Frontline Manager
  2. Great Commercial Sales and Marketing Alignment and Execution
  3. Professional Development
  • We have a 30+ year uninterrupted track record of success with some of the best companies in the world
  • Our founder, Greg Wright, is widely regarded as one of the best consultants in our areas of focus
  • Our trainers and consultants are consistently asked back by our customers because they are several cuts above the “norm”
  • Our Operations Team is referred to frequently as “The Ultimate Office Team”

Our Key Core Beliefs are:

  1. The right customized education experience and resultant tools can close almost any performance gap.
  2. You know what you need to do. Your investment in people should be 100% tied to getting to your “desired state”—not on analyzing it.
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