Coaching: Executive, Leadership, and Individual Performance

Do you want to take your career skills to a higher level?

Do you need constructive feedback from others in order to gain self-insight?

Would you like to discover your strengths and maximize under-used skills?

Whether you are part of a cross-functional team or a matrix organization, in a leadership role, or on the executive team, coaching could be the best career investment you ever make.

Coaching is offered on three levels:

  1. Executive Coaching – for those working with other executives, leading an executive team, and who may be interacting with or responsible to a board of directors.
  2. Leadership Coaching – for anyone interested in understanding their own leadership style, leading others more effectively, and gaining cooperation and motivation to get results.
  3. Individual Performance Coaching – designed for individuals who work on cross-functional teams and/or in a matrix environment, and who may or may not have direct reports.

CGWA offers customized one-on-one coaching opportunities for individuals seeking professional growth and development.

Although each coaching opportunity is unique, a similar framework is used to set the stage. Our approach begins by identifying challenges and goals. We use assessment instruments to guide development, explore approaches to work with situations as they occur, and gather feedback on goal progress.

Best Suited for Individuals Who

  • Want to take their skills to the next level
  • Are interested in personal insight and development
  • Seek honest assessments that others are often reluctant to give, and/or observations that are hard to solicit from others
  • Desire evaluation and development based on specific needs within the context of an organizational culture
  • Benefit from an outside/third party perspective
  • Would like an ongoing relationship with a coach
  • Want structured development
  • Are looking for consistency of approach


  • Awareness of strengths and areas for development
  • Recognition of over-used skills
  • Development of multiple approaches
  • Strategies for improved performance

Presentation Skills

We offer coaching packages for every budget, starting at $2,000.

Course will be customized for each individual’s specific needs.

Sessions can be conducted face-to-face, via phone, or via Skype.

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