Positive Power and Influence®

Is it necessary for you to influence and collaborate with others without the aid of positional power?

Are you unsure how to begin an influence conversation? Do you know how others perceive you?

Would you like to motivate others by empowering them?

Who would benefit most from influence skills training?

As decision-making is pushed to lower levels, employees must take on more responsibility and accountability, often with no authority. These empowered employees must possess the ability to influence and collaborate to be effective in their roles, or the result is frustration and cynicism. Therefore successful business interactions have become dependent on the use of influence skills to cut through organizational boundaries, positional power, and interpersonal conflicts. Mastery over several influence styles has proven key to achieving results in these situations. The Positive Power and Influence® training program focuses on choosing and using the appropriate influence style to make agreements that last no matter the situation.


  • Pre-program self-assessment to determine current influence style usage
  • Knowing what you want; your influence objective
  • “Push” styles of influence; persuading and asserting, and their impact
  • “Pull” styles of influence; bridging and attracting, and their impact
  • Situation analysis; choosing the right style(s) for the situation
  • Influencing up, across and down
  • Application planning to a real world influence situation


Participants will be able to:

  • Think more strategically about influencing others
  • Motivate without causing others to feel less powerful
  • Use an influence model for analyzing face-to-face situations
  • Assess which styles they use, overuse, misuse, or avoid
  • Refine use of existing influence skills and develop alternatives
  • Analyze a situation and apply the appropriate style

This course is eligible for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. Please Contact Us for more information.

All courses can be customized for each group’s specific needs.

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