Presentation and Facilitation Best Practices for Leaders

Would you like to feel more confident in any training or speaking situation?

Would you like to encourage employee input?

Leadership requires strong presentation and facilitation skills. Leaders must get comfortable presenting ideas and strategies in addition to facilitating meetings and group sessions that motivate teams to achieve their goals. During this highly interactive workshop, participants will be videotaped practicing both presentation and facilitation skills.


  • Best practices required to be a confident and competent presenter
  • Use of voice, face, and body in combination with technology for desired impact
  • Delivery skills: managing nerves and physical energy, and use of words and stories
  • Facilitating diverse and varied groups
  • Becoming a “coach” rather than a “talking head” in order to lead teams that are fluid, dynamic, and engaged
  • Asking the right questions, actively listening and validating responses
  • Managing difficult or emotional situations in a way that gets tasks done and objectives met, while still building bonded teams


Participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate personal speaking strengths
  • Identify areas of communication weakness
  • Prepare highly organized presentations
  • Present with confidence in any training or speaking situation
  • Facilitate project teams, staff meetings or workshops
  • Encourage participant interaction and involvement
  • Build effective teams

All courses can be customized for each group’s specific needs.

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