Coaching for Improved Performance

Are you empowering your employees to do their best?

Do you need to improve productivity and increase employee involvement?

This program presents the skills needed to inspire others to better performance. Coaching is about getting the best performance you can from the people that work for and with you, and helping them succeed in the work environment.

In this workshop, you will apply many concepts and skills to case studies as well as a real-life opportunity that you bring with you. Your active participation in discussion will help you build a richer learning experience for yourself and others.


  • Recognizing and evaluating reasons for deficient performance
  • Identifying coaching needs and opportunities for your team
  • Sharpening skills at giving effective feedback
  • Identifying opportunities to replace negative feedback with proactive advice
  • Identifying the different types of coaching and how to approach them
  • Identifying ways to use coaching as a motivational tool
  • Using a coaching model to address a current challenge
  • Recognizing and deflecting “side-tracks” when discussing performance issues with employees


Participants will be able to:

  • Achieve higher levels of employee development, productivity, and satisfaction
  • Attain higher levels of team cooperation
  • Delegate successfully
  • Encourage employee loyalty and commitment in their employees
  • Persuade employees to share their knowledge and experience with other

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