Effective Writing

Are your written documents getting the response you intended?

Are you confident in their persuasiveness and professionalism?

Are you sending a clear, concise message the first time without time-consuming re-writes?

If you answered sometimes, not often enough, or no to any of these questions, consider attending the one-day “Effective Writing Workshop.” Emails, reports, and memos are often the cornerstone for others to take action. Therefore, the need to “write it right” plays a major part in your effectiveness and efficiency on the job. Through a variety of writing exercises, you will learn how to write concise, direct, natural-sounding documents that create a receptive attitude and a response on the part of the reader.


  • Create direct, customer-friendly documents
  • BLAT! Put the bottom line at the top!
    • In messages that request/recommend/propose action
    • In messages that send information
  • Write it right the first time
  • Sound appropriately reader-friendly from the beginning
  • Make it easy to read quickly
  • Avoid communication blunders when writing internationally
  • Follow standard guidelines for writing effective email


Participants will be able to:

  • Increase writing speed by writing it right the first time
  • Explain the message clearly and concisely without sacrificing detail
  • Get to the point and sound nice about it
  • Have readers differentiate between requesting action and presenting information
  • Create easy to read and memorable documents, at 6th to 10th grade readability level
  • Master and measure passive voice
  • Improve basic writing skills of grammar and punctuation
  • Choose the best words for the message
  • Write productively about negative topics
  • Use an on-the-spot, 60-second editing technique

All courses can be customized for each group’s specific needs.

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