Presentation Skills

Are you totally comfortable with speaking in front of others, or does nervousness sabotage you?

How would your team members rate your presentation skills on group projects?

Are you an experienced presenter, but desire excellence?

The key to success in today’s business environment is the ability to effectively present ourselves and our ideas. Whether in meetings or formal presentations, we are required to speak informatively and concisely. For some, there may be fear and anxiety in the way. This Presentation Skills workshop allows participants to improve their presentation skills. Through self-assessment, small group exercises, lecture, discussion, videotaping, and a variety of coaching and feedback opportunities, participants will learn to give better organized and more effective presentations.


  • Developing the voice
  • Eye contact, gestures, posture and movement
  • Techniques for managing nerves
  • Presentation practice strategies
  • Presentation development: How to use a presentation structure
  • Handling questions and staying on track
  • A/V and PowerPoint: Making them work for you


Participants will be able to:

  • Feel more comfortable and confident when delivering presentations
  • Learn techniques to manage nervousness
  • Systematically prepare for presentations
  • Use their voice, body, and face to make the desired impact on the audience
  • Define the objective of their presentation and prioritize information
  • Feel more comfortable and confident handling questions
  • Develop and deliver a team presentation
  • Effectively utilize A/V and visual aids

All courses can be customized for each group’s specific needs.

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