Project Management: 2-3 Day

Does your project planning take “enough time” to avoid needing to find “time to do it over”?

Do you know what project activities need to be monitored to keep projects under control?

What is the real cost of “scope creep” to your project and how can it be eliminated?

This more advanced Project Management course covers all of the elements of the Project Management: Tools & Tactics (1-2 days) workshop but adds more tools and incorporates a strategic, or management of project management, perspective.

Keeping projects on track in today’s business environment is more critical than ever. Success requires rapid deployment and an efficient combination and management of diverse and complex resources. Adding to the challenge is intense competition, rapidly changing technology, and rigid safety, quality and cost constraints. Skillful project management is vital to those wanting to thrive in this demanding environment.


  • The project management process
  • Project planning
  • Managing project teamwork
  • Implementing, tracking and controlling projects
  • Closing the project
  • Project simulation


Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of “up-front” planning
  • Fully understand the key elements of project success
  • Develop and defend a sound project scope and detailed project definitions
  • Diagnose, maximize, and monitor team performance
  • Use appropriate phase-gate life cycle designs to control projects
  • Develop an effective team charter and ground rules
  • Learn and practice multiple planning, scheduling and risk assessment tools
  • Understand and explain resource loading and leveling
  • Learn and apply project responsibility charts
  • Learn how to evaluate scope trade-offs and how to control “scope creep”
  • Develop a broad understanding of project control tools and tracking methods
  • Understand and compare Milestone and Earned Value progress tracking
  • Understand project productivity and factors that limit productivity
  • Practice dealing with typical project conflict situations
  • Analyze implementation problems and identify solutions
  • (Optional) Understand the impact of personality preferences on project performance

All courses can be customized for each group’s specific needs.

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