Consultative Selling Skills

Are you sick of going out on sales calls with your sales reps and hearing them talk too much?

How many times have you coached your sales reps to ask more questions, listen more, and spend less time on product and service “data dumps”?

Are you frustrated with presentation-dependent sales reps?

These trends have the potential to only get worse as we equip ourselves with Customer Resource Management software and tablet computers for making presentations. These tools, although wonderful if used correctly, also feed the strong alpha behaviors of some sales reps. Since these tools came on the scene, there are more chances for sales reps to fall into “presentation mode,” although they may lack the required consultative skills to really uncover underlying customer needs.

Our Consultative Selling Skills workshop is a proven, 2-day workshop incorporating extensive video feedback. It is fully customized with sales scenarios from your company and product line so your sales force can practice effectively. Instead of using multiple trainers to handle training and coaching, we use your regional sales managers (who we have previously trained in Consultative Selling and Coaching Skills) to help us drive results in the workshop.


  • Gain high share with your most desired customers
  • Solidify relationships at all key buying levels
  • Build relationships into consultative partnerships
  • Become a truly great listener
  • Create dialogue with customers instead of just making sales pitches


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify specific questions that will help get to customer needs better
  • Enhance individual listening skills and take them to a new level
  • Understand how tone of voice and non-verbal behavior affect the psychology of the sales process
  • Use their new understanding to take their sales career to the next level

All courses can be customized for each group’s specific needs.

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