Sales Negotiation Skills:

Reaching High Quality Agreements

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a negotiation approaching stalemate?

Did your last negotiation hurt your relationship with the other party?

Do your sales agreements benefit the customer at the expense of the company?

To be a great salesperson, you must be a great negotiator. Knowing the appropriate strategies for sales negotiation and how to manage the negotiation process from planning to implementation is necessary to achieve high-quality, lasting agreements that strengthen your company’s relationships with clients. But how do you go about achieving this “win-win” situation? This highly interactive Sales Negotiation Skills workshop gives participants many opportunities to practice what they learn and receive real-time feedback from audio recorded exercises.


  • Stages of Negotiation – The Road Map
  • Customer Needs and Tradables™
  • Becoming Tactically Bulletproof
  • Overcoming Obstacles to a Win-Win Agreement
  • Application Planning: Negotiation Situation


Participants will be able to:

  • Determine when to negotiate—and when not to
  • Utilize a road map of the negotiation process effectively
  • Demonstrate the skills critical for reaching high-quality agreements
  • Maximize power by uncovering and analyzing underlying needs and tradables
  • Plan and prepare for customer and internal negotiations
  • Identify and neutralize tactics
  • Plan for and practice an actual negotiation situation

All courses can be customized for each group’s specific needs.

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