SPROUT! Sales Workshop

Has the relentless push for immediate results left your sales team looking for ways to re-energize the sales process?

Does your team need to get back to having fun while selling more products to more customers?

The SPROUT! Sales Workshop is a growing experience. Rather than focusing on a particular sales technique, this workshop addresses the heart of sales. Its purpose is to provide a way to put more fun into the selling process, and re-energize careers. Through the use of a gardening metaphor and self-reflective activities, this workshop provides many useful tips and practical advice. The SPROUT! Sales Workshop will help you and your sales team create a mindset that will reduce stress and increase satisfaction in your jobs—and make more money, too!

Participants will be able to:

  • Craft a personal vision for Sales Success
  • Create professional support and career renewal
  • Seed target accounts for sales success
  • Deploy Best Practices for Nurturing your target accounts
  • Create Harvest strategies; closing sales with renewal in mind

All courses can be customized for each group’s specific needs.

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