Sales has always been a high burnout profession. These days, with the intense focus on quarterly earnings reports, there is more pressure on sales professionals than ever before. The relentless push for immediate results can leave salespeople exhausted, frustrated, and wondering why they ever got themselves into this business. And it can leave sales organizations with a serious turnover problem.

Using a metaphor they call the Sales Garden, the bestselling author—longtime sales veterans Alan Vengel and Greg Wright—help their fellow professionals rediscover their enthusiasm for their chosen profession by relieving some of the harmful stress and putting more fun and passion into the selling process.

Rather than focusing on a particular sales technique, the bestselling SPROUT! addresses the “big picture” of sales. It is packed with useful tips and practical advice that can be applied immediately to any sales situation. It will help salespeople reduce stress and increase satisfaction in their jobs—and make more money, too!

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