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Overcome your fear with top-notch Presentation Skills!

Posted by on July 18, 2011

  • Presentation SkillsDo you get nervous presenting in front of groups?
  • Not sure how to give your presentation maximum impact?
  • Want to impress your boss, team, or customers?

The key to giving a great presentation is your own comfort level. You already know the subject matter, but how do you feel about presenting it—alone—in front of a group of colleagues or customers? Don’t let nervousness or lack of organization sabotage you!

CGWA has developed a proven process for organizing, preparing and delivering your best presentation. In our Presentation Skills workshop, we combine in-depth coaching with easy-to-implement steps and tips, taking presentations from merely average to absolutely outstanding!

Here’s a sample of what our Presentation Skills participants walk away with:

  • High comfort level with all presentation situations and settings from the boardroom to the executive team or presenting in informal meetings
  • Knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses in front of any group and how to overcome them
  • Planning process for upcoming presentations where the stakes are high
  • Ability to deliver impromptu presentations with certainty and confidence
  • Techniques for capturing audience attention

Perfecting your presentation skills will not only help you in front of groups, but in everyday conversations too! Just like improving your golf or tennis stroke, mastery takes time, feedback and practice.

But we would never leave you without a little something to start you on the path to becoming a top-notch presenter…

Karen Holmes is a CGWA Senior Consultant and Trainer, based in the U.S. and delivering programs such as Coaching, Positive Power and Influence, Presentation Skills, and many more.