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Tip of the Week: August 27-31, 2012

Posted by on August 27, 2012

From our Strategic Planning and Implementation workshop:

“By assessing business unit competencies, business trends, uncertainties and opportunities, a manager can construct appropriate strategies and actions that drive results which in turn assist the company as a whole to fulfill its mission.

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Stuck in the Gap? Lead Your Sales Team to Greatness!

Posted by on April 11, 2012

Sales TeamAre you stuck in the gap between truly great sales and the reality that your sales and leadership team is struggling?

Most of the data on sales success and sales best practices in the field inevitably leads to the conclusion that your sales force is only as strong as the sales leadership they get. Any lasting change has to start with the Vice President and roll like a wave all the way through the often-overlooked Regional/District Managers.

Not sure your team needs outside help? Some indicators that your sales leadership may need some intensive work on alignment and performance enhancement are:

  1. You have a high number of Region Managers that are recent field promotions, i.e. very successful sales reps that you have promoted to Region Manager positions.
  2. You have a high level of turnover at the Region/District Manager level.
  3. You get very good results on a certain set of products from one region and completely different results from another region (inconsistent execution on your product portfolio).
  4. You have too many Territory Managers/Sales Reps that underperform to their sales plan and are not engaged in an aggressive developmental plan to correct the issue.

You need a proven process for sales leadership development that will help your organization achieve better numbers on the following metrics:

  1. Percent achievement of sales plan
  2. Full product portfolio sales execution
  3. Number of conversions during product launches
  4. Reduced undesired sales rep turnover

At CGWA, the journey from mediocre to great looks something like this:

  • We do a very careful analysis of the current state of your sales leadership performance
  • We ask you to define your vision for what great would look like for your business
  • We customize a solution and get it to the sales leadership team as quickly as possible, up to the standard of performance and execution that you would like to see

Our research indicates that a lot of our potential clients are spending literally hundreds of thousands of dollars training their sales force as a whole, but spending very little to train their Region Managers, which is a sadly misdirected allocation of funds. Repeated studies into how organizations invest in sales execution lead us to this conclusion: The most important investment you can make is to ensure that your sales leadership is aligned, motivated, and focused on the right best practices and disciplines to drive successful sales to your business.

Greg Wright founded CGWA in 1977 on the principle that customized, skill-based training provides the best learning experience for employees, as it incorporates a company’s culture, business trends, and “real life” situations into the structure of the training.

Strategic Planning to Implementation: What’s Your Plan?

Posted by on November 29, 2011

Strategic PlanningWhen department managers and supervisors are asked whether or not they have a plan for success, most will answer yes. A plan sounds like something they should definitely have, right? In fact, they may actually have a plan. But a plan in itself does not ensure success, and executive leadership should always dig deeper. Important questions:

  • Does the plan integrate with our overall corporate goal?
  • What is the scope of the plan?
  • What is the financial risk inherent in the plan?
  • What resources are required to implement the plan?
  • What specific problem does the plan address?
  • How is success measured?
  • Who is responsible for each action item within the plan?
  • Where, specifically, is the plan taking the department or business?

Without in-depth, customized training in strategic planning, most leaders will not be able to answer all of these questions. They may possess a profound understanding of their part of the business without recognizing how it fits into the entire enterprise. The skill set for running an efficient department does not always translate to analytic review of numbers and the creation of data-driven decisions. There is also a tendency in excellent employees toward a desire to fix everything. Good strategic planning understands that you cannot attack all problems at once.

If your business is striving to make breakthroughs, performing badly in certain critical areas, has a limited budget for multiple improvement initiatives or is trying to reach long-term business goals, then you need strategic planning. Since moving through strategic planning all the way to implementation only works when employees and leaders of all levels buy in to and participate in the process, you also need training.

CGWA is proud to offer our customized Strategic Planning and Implementation workshop for your leadership team. We’ll help develop your team by providing the skills and knowledge needed to question goals, design plans that support overall business desires, and define precise metrics for success. Leaders will come away with a toolbox to propel them from ideas to action and on to success. Seize the moment and move your business toward increased efficiency and profitability!