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Negotiation Skills: Top 10 Ways to Lose a Negotiation

Posted by on May 16, 2012

Negotiation SkillsIt’s like a bad dream: You arrive at a negotiation without the tools and tactics you need to produce a win-win outcome. Things go horribly wrong, and everyone leaves with a bad taste in their mouth. In fact, you’re sure that the other party wants nothing more to do with you. Even if you technically “won” the negotiation, it’s not a true win. We call this a lose-lose outcome.How do you avoid a repeat? First you need to know what notto do. There are many ways to lose a negotiation. Here are the Top 10:

  1. Fail to plan ahead
  2.  Go in with a combative attitude
  3.  Have no idea what you can offer and when to walk away
  4.  Arrive without responses to the other party’s likely objections
  5.  Assume you know what the other party wants
  6.  Fail to address the other party’s questions and concerns
  7.  Ignore the underlying power balance
  8.  Fail to neutralize the other party’s negative tactics
  9.  Narrow down the negotiation to only one issue
  10. Negotiate a win for you that results in a loss for the other party

One or more of these are probably familiar to you. We all have to start somewhere, right? The worst part is, any one of these actions is enough to sabotage a negotiation and possibly the whole relationship.

Free Consultation with No Obligation. Really?

Posted by on September 29, 2011

Contact UsDo you ever wish you could bend the ear of an expert, whether it be about influencing someone, implementing change, or simply developing tactics for your next negotiation? Unfortunately, it seems there’s no easy, affordable or no-obligation way to access those experts. Even if you know what consultant or company to call for that help, you will inevitably hear a sales pitch about services offered, or end up committing to a meeting later on.

While these sales tactics are commonplace, they don’t necessarily answer your needs in the moment. Sure, you might be interested in speaking further with the consultant/company you chose to contact, but right now you just need help!

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Negotiating through Conflict

Posted by on September 21, 2011

Negotiating through Conflict resized 600As long as we share the planet with other human beings, negotiation—and the accompanying conflict—will exist. Let’s face it; no two people see thing exactly the same way, hence the need for negotiation.

Negotiation and conflict go hand-in-hand, but does conflict always have to be negative?

I know many folks who say they hate conflict and will avoid it at any cost. Unfortunately, the cost can be huge. Not only are needs and desires left unmet, but people are often left feeling frustrated, resentful and stressed. And in business negotiations, the financial consequences of unresolved conflict can be dire.

Once we accept the universal truth that conflict is natural, and a natural part of negotiations, we open ourselves up to see conflict in a positive light. Conflict is always an opportunity to see things from another’s point of view. Only when we take the time to really listen to others do we increase our chances of finding an agreeable resolution for all.

CGWA’s Negotiation Skills: Reaching High Quality Agreements and combination Negotiation/Conflict Resolution/Cross-Functional Collaboration workshops teach how to navigate through all types of negotiations, including the best ways to work through conflict and create win-win agreements. Our focus on interest-based conflict resolution eliminates the power struggles inherent in negotiation by allowing the parties to create durable solutions at the basic needs/interests level.

We explore the 3 levels of conflict resolution:

Interests Rights Power

Conflicts often escalate when disputes begin at level 2 or 3, or move indiscriminately up and down, ignoring level 1: the Interests level. Interests are at the heart of all positions in a conflict as they represent the tangible items that each party needs, desires, or has concern over.

Effective conflict resolution must take the Interests level into account. Failure to do so often results in devastating financial costs and relationship damage through legal battles, union strikes, or the firing of employees.

But you don’t have to worry about any of this. You have CGWA on your side! If you’re dealing with conflict or need help with a current negotiation, you’re in luck! For a limited time, we are offering you a free consultation with our in-house expert, Rick Eber. Click now!

Move Forward with Positive Action!

Posted by on June 27, 2011

Influence Skills

This week’s tip is built around one of my favorite quotes:

The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us.” – Voltaire

What does this mean to you? To me, it means I need to stop living in the past and move forward with positive action. It’s a little cliche, but Voltaire is illustrating an axiom here. This quote is still remembered today because it contains a universal truth.

Simply letting go of wrongs inflicted on us by other people–or simply negative events in our lives–can determine whether today will be a good day. It can even improve your outlook on life in general. So often, our personal happiness depends on how we react to the things that happen to us. We make that choice.

What choices have you been making? Are you letting the world get you down? It’s tough out there, and it’s perfectly normal to find yourself in a negative rut from time to time. But don’t let that attitude define you.

I encourage you to move forward with positive action today! CGWA can help you and your team develop your influence skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills, selling skills, and so much more!

We’d love to have a conversation with you, so reach out and contact us right now!

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