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Commercial Excellence for Life Sciences: World Class Assessment Tool

Posted by on June 6, 2012

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Have you done everything you can around creative pricing, value pricing, and hiring the best talent you can find—and yet you’re still looking for that competitive edge?

Commerical Excellence Sales and MarketingDid you know that CGWA has been researching commercial sales and marketing best practices in the biotech, healthcare, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries for over 20 years? Through our extensive work with top life sciences companies around the world, we have formulated our unrivaled World Class Assessment Tool (WCAT), developed in response to requests from those clients to define commercial excellence in the field.

How did it all start? In the early 1990s, one of our clients—the CEO of an industry-leading medical device company—issued this challenge to CGWA: “We have 600 people representing our company worldwide, and only about 25 know how to go to market with our products corrrectly. Your mission, CGWA, is to find out what those 25 do so well and then train the other 600 people in our organization.”

That was the beginning of a 4-year research and customized training program in which we:

  • Traveled the world conducting in-depth interviews and 1-2 day field visits with those top 25 reps and many others within the company, in cardiovascular, neurovascular, peripheral vascular, endovascular, etc.
  • Created our original WCAT based on that research
  • Designed a custom training program that included every sales and marketing rep and leader in the company, getting everyone on the same page and using the same best practices
  • Through the use of these methods and tools, we helped our client achieve significant and measurable commercial success

Since then, CGWA has continued to continued with that reserch, gathering fresh, relevant data from all branches of the life sciences industry. Companies like American Medical Systems, Boston Scientific, Cardinal Health, Cortes, Covidien, Edwards Lifesciences, Kinetic Concepts, Stryker, and many more. We now have input from more than 1,000 biotech, healthcare, medical device, and pharmaceutical leaders.

We are currently working with a leading medical device company, in the process of deploying the WCAT and implementing World Class Commercial Excellence processes for over 40,000 employees in 59 countries.

If you believe that best practices and commercial excellence gives companies a competitive edge, CGWA has the model and assessment tools to determine where your company stands in relation to those proven best practices. How will you know if your sales and marketing teams are well-aligned…or if they’re ready for a change?

Greg Wright founded CGWA in 1977 on the principle that customized, skill-based training provides the best learning experience for employees, as it incorporates a company’s culture, business trends, and “real life” situations into the structure of the training.

CGWA and the Life Sciences Community: A Lasting Partnership

Posted by on April 4, 2012

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Life Sciences

We talk a lot about our experience and offerings in general terms, simply because we have been privileged to work in so many industries throughout the world. We can’t choose a favorite, but today I’d like to talk a little about the rewarding relationships CGWA has formed in the life sciences community, encompassing the biotech, healthcare, medical device, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Since our founding in 1977, we have focused on helping every organization, team, and individual we work with to become the best in their industry. We do this through both consulting and education, achieving organizational goals with immediately applicable, customized tools for enhanced performance.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with many successful and innovative life science organizations, giving our training and consulting team a unique perspective on the challenges they face.

A sampling of the organizations we have worked with:

CGWA & Life Sciences resized 600

What attracts the life sciences community to CGWA? Word of mouth! With direct recommendations from their respected colleagues, leaders know we can dive right in to their unique problems with no indsutry learning curve. In this tight scientific community, knowledge and experience is everything, and we’ve done it all: Making the rounds with sales reps, problem-solving in the C-suite, and everything in between.

But you don’t have to wait for someone to let you in on the secret…