Below are real customer testimonials from three of our most popular workshops:


“After participating in numerous selling classes on assertion techniques, it was a pleasure taking a class that worked on developing listening skills, involvement techniques and finding common ground. Working on all aspects of selling and needs assessments resulted in closing three contracts which were previously unattainable.” – Account Executive, Aerospace Industry

“In reviewing a contractual arrangement with a client, I was able to plan in advance what the VP’s response would be when I told him he was not performing to meet contract requirements. I was prepared in advance to show him exactly what it would take to perform, and how to do it. That softened the blow and gave him incentive to perform. He has agreed to review actual requirements again and will consider placing a last minute order to meet those requirements after we review November Market Share data.” – Region Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry

“After the program, we not only saw individuals with improved skills, but also increased team effectiveness. The influence skills program opened the minds of individuals to behaviors of others around them, and consequently how to be effective in a group.” – Manager, Energy Industry

“My current job is to influence and persuade employees on the health and safety aspects of their job.  I’m using the different techniques of influence. I have accomplished in two months what the previous engineer could not in five years.” – Engineer, High Tech Industry


“I have enjoyed working with you over the years and feel that you and your team provide an excellent ‘real world’ negotiations training program that generates immediate results.

“I have received many compliments on the training from our sales team. The numerous success stories continue to come in a s a result of the Area Manager training. One Area Manager gained an additional $1.2 million in incremental revenue in just one deal within two weeks of the training. We will continue to track our results and keep you in the loop.”  – Vice President of Sales, Pharmaceutical Industry

“We were able to put together three separate agreements with combined value of $9-10 million. Negotiations resulted in savings of 20% (+/- ) off quoted (not list) pricing.  Savings estimated $1.5 million.” – Account Manager, Healthcare Industry

“Working on a team to develop a contract with a vendor, we were able to save our company nearly one million dollars by using Negotiation Strategy and Tactics.” – Contract Specialist, Consumer Products Industry

“Used an alternative tradable™ that cost me nothing to obtain a product that otherwise would have cost $10,000.” – Buyer, Medical Devices Industry

“In class, we used (as a case study) my scheduled meeting with a client the following week. As a result, the meeting went extremely well. Our pre-planning allowed me to manage the meeting (negotiation), yet still achieve everyone’s fundamental goals.” – Sales Representative, Foodservice Industry

“For months I had been targeting a customer who had been less than receptive to my marketing efforts. The course provided me with more effective negotiating tools which enabled me to close the deal and obtain $8 million in production in the first quarter.” – Account Executive, Aerospace Industry


“Excellent program! I can’t think of a way to improve on it.” – Software Engineer, Telecommunications Industry

“Make this program available to all employees that give presentations!” – Customer Service Representative, Energy Industry

“Great tips on how to improve my skills and build my confidence!” – Sales Representative, Finance & Insurance Industry

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